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Managing an in-house integrated supply chain makes Ward Group the market leader and a preferred partner for those seeking professional advice and management of demolition projects with a recycling focus.

Drawing on its collective expertise, Ward effectively manages projects of any size and complexity. Often our demolition projects traverse new territory – presenting challenges that are first of a kind in New Zealand.

With over 20 years experience, our knowledgeable people are engaged to find intelligent and pragmatic solutions to the most difficult of jobs, executing these safely and efficiently. Ward are pioneers in deconstruction techniques – having developed many innovative methods and tools specifically for the demolition industry.

We are constantly seeking new and innovative ways to reduce the waste stream of demolition projects. A commitment to sustainability underlines every aspect of the Groups operations and this has shaped the structure and working processes of the organisation as it is today.

By integrating its services, Ward Group sets the industry benchmark for the salvage and recycling of waste material – achieving impressive rates and minimising the carbon footprint by using the resources of just one organisation.

Ward are members of the Green Building Council of New Zealand and can work with organisations to help them achieve a Green Star rating by planning and managing the recycling aspects of their project. Read more about Ward Groups work on New Zealand’s pilot Green Star building

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